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Crypto content wrtiter

We've used some technology blog services for our organization and we are very satisfied with the consistent output. Dixit Arora Content Manager Content is very engaging and we do get a good number of pageviews from the content. Thanks a lot. Frequently Asked Questions Platform What is crypto in content writing? The most standard purpose of crypto content writing is to provide persuasive and informative writing that provides an audience with useful knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

The primary goal of crypto content creation is to inform people about the crypto realm. What should I look for in a crypto content writer? Persuasive writing and Knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency are the essentials of crypto content writing. Is crypto difficult as a topic for content creation? The answer to this depends on who is writing about it. If a person who's passionate about cryptocurrencies, this will be an easy pill to swallow. On the other hand, if you are hiring someone with no clue of what cryptocurrency is, you'll find that they find the topic challenging to write about.

How many days does it take to deliver a single content piece? We take up to five business days to deliver your content. For project orders, we can deliver as high as content pieces every day. How do I pay? You can also pay through NEFT in case of large transactions. How do you ensure quality content? Every single content piece delivered to you goes through two levels of checks from our content experts and editors for factual, grammatical, or plagiarism issues.

How many iterations can I get for each content? Every content piece comes with two rounds of revisions. Background: You must have a solid understanding of the cryptocurrency space including staking, stablecoins, crypto wallets, crypto interest accounts, crypto ETFs, DeFi and the NFT space. Coupled with this you should have a detailed understanding of SEO and how to structure articles so they drive organic traffic, based on specific key words. Ensure all articles are SEO optimised around target keywords and structured to drive organic traffic.

However, the initial focus should be Ethereum, including Ethereum 2. You can work remotely and on your own terms. Workload will be consistent, we are aiming for words per week at cca.

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I write strategic marketing content for start-ups, crypto projects, tech companies, and VC Firms. I help content marketers, product marketers, and executives tell stories, achieve online . Crypto content writing for financial advisors, DAOs, and B2B/B2C FinTech brands crypto content writing. Stand out from the rest. Educate your clients and potential customers. Show . Oct 28,  · The format will make it easier to scan the text. Videos. 59% of executives prefer video over text. The format is effective in generating leads and, in fact, doesn’t require a lot of .